Petrification is the process of turning organic material into stone. If we translate this into architecture, we look for various ways of integrating nature in the built environment. The combination of ‘nature’  and ‘petrified’ resulted in the name Natrufied-architecture. Boris Zeisser founded Natrufied-architecture in 2015 after 15 years as founder and partner of 24H-architecture.

Working with ingredients from nature, the theme of Art d’eco has been developed as one of the main design philosophies of the office.

The aim is to support the environment as well as to create beauty: this makes the art of ecology.

All our designs are inspired by nature: embedding the program into the surrounding environment, designing with a biomimicry approach, using natural and biotic materials, creating natural shapes and abstract representations of natural patterns, and building parametric structures. Integrating high tech and low tech sustainability into our designs is a natural part of our design work.