Natrufied-architecture is an office that focuses on BIOPHILIC architecture; architecture that finds it origin in nature. The word NATRUFIED is made of the two words ‘Nature’ and ‘Petrified’, together they represent Nature turned to buildable materials. After 15 years as founder and partner of 24H-architecture with many realized projects, domestic as well as abroad, Boris Zeisser founded Natrufied-architecture in 2015. Meanwhile he is working with his partner Anja Verdonk and their team on various challenging assignments.

It is the ambition of the office to integrate nature as much as possible into its designs. This leads to living buildings with nature-inclusive facades and roofs that include Biomimicry solutions and are made of bio-based materials. Different circular processes are used for the designs. Next to the circular building process, Natrufied focuses on biotic and energetic circular processes. In this way a maximum integration of natural cycles is being created and buildings are made that strive to be in balance with nature.