Month: October 2020

  • Ecovillage Hannover

    Ecovillage Hannover


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    As part of an invited competition, Natrufied participated in the design for a new eco-village  in Hannover. The proposal consists of four main ingredients: Nature, Community, Sustainability and  ‘Suffizienz’, the  need to use less. All these ingredients are combined into the ‘Lemnicate’ symbol. This symbol of two joined circles, combine the circularity of nature and…

  • Dunehouse


    Embedded in the dunes of the Dutch coastline, the dune roof house embraces the dunes and opens up to the sun and the view. The beautiful surrounding landscape continues along the roof, minimizing impact of the built structure in nature. Save Save Save Save Save

  • Mooijburg Waterzicht

    Mooijburg Waterzicht

    MOOIJBURG – WATERZICHT will be a new Co-Creation development on Center Island, Amsterdam. With its prominent position at the waterfront of the IJsselmeer, a sculptural overall appearance and wooden facades with staggered windows, balconies or loggias and glass greenhouses, it will become a prominent new member on the new island. Behind that fascinating facade, it…