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  • Dunehouse


    Embedded in the dunes of the Dutch coastline, the dune roof house embraces the dunes and opens up to the sun and the view. The beautiful surrounding landscape continues along the roof, minimizing impact of the built structure in nature. Save Save Save Save Save

  • Mooijburg Waterzicht

    Mooijburg Waterzicht

    MOOIJBURG – WATERZICHT will be a new Co-Creation development on Center Island, Amsterdam. With its prominent position at the waterfront of the IJsselmeer, a sculptural overall appearance and wooden facades with staggered windows, balconies or loggias and glass greenhouses, it will become a prominent new member on the new island. Behind that fascinating facade, it…

  • Villas Texel Buytenplaats

    Villas Texel Buytenplaats

    Between the sheep and the dunes, Natrufied architecture designed a new embedded landscape on the beautiful island of Texel with ‘lace patterns’, ‘wild grounds’, ‘garden walls’ and 8 reed covered villas. The existing trees, among them impressive Chestnut and pine trees, are also integrated into the new layout. From the villas, the beautiful view shows…

  • Circular Centre HUB

    Circular Centre HUB

    What does a recycling center focused on reuse and repair look like? Heiloo, Uitgeest and Bergen investigated this with Natrufied Architecture and SE.lab. Imagine going here to hand in your reusable items, have a coffee or join a repair-workshop. Or you walk into the studio of a circular start-up. If we can imagine this, then…

  • WoodOne


    With WoodOne, we try to create an experience of truly being close to the four elements of nature -fire, water, air and earth- while enjoying the luxury of a sustainable design cabin.

  • Regen Villages

    Regen Villages

    We see dwellings as selfsufficient entities that are no longer dependent on external sources of food, electricity and water. Together with their neighbours, the tenants can ensure natural and  sustainable production while connecting with their natural environment. The circular approach to the production and consumption of resources, every residual can be reused as input for…

  • Slava Guesthouse

    Slava Guesthouse

    On his estate Moulin Jaune in Crecy la Chapelle, near Paris, France, the famous clown Slava Polunin created the black garden. In this garden 24H/ Natrufied architecture designed a guest house. The legged black animal, with a big coloured eye overlooking the river, is made of black bamboo construction and cladding. The interior gives a…

  • Bosvilla Eeuwigelaan Bergen

    Bosvilla Eeuwigelaan Bergen

    At the Eeuwigelaan, Bergen in the north of Holland, Natrufied Architecture designed a villa on the Eeuwigelaan. At the beautiful forest site, a big roofed house will be floats in the forest. An open living area provides views of the forest to all sides, half under the ground the sleeping quarters are embedded into the…

  • Ecological Children Activity and Education Center

    Ecological Children Activity and Education Center

    The 6 star hotel resort Soneva Kiri is located on Koh Kood, an island in the Gulf of Thailand. At this unique site, 24H-architecture designed a series of ecological icons to contribute to Six Senses’ high ambitions in design and ecology. Most prominent is The Children Activity and Learning Centre, which will provide visiting children…

  • Made in Holland

    Made in Holland

    The exhibition “Made in Holland” was a collaboration between TU Delft, the Nationaal Archief and the Kunsthal. It was a family exhibition on Dutch design, innovation and was part of the celebration of 40 years anniversary of Product Design in Delft.The idea was that the patent and drawings from the National Archive, showing inventions from…