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  • Beachdrifters by Natrufied

    Beachdrifters by Natrufied

    Natrufied designed in cooperation with the Landrovers a series of special themed Landrover Defenders. Old Defenders get a new life with a full restoration and special themes like ‘Norwegian Wood’, ‘Indian Summer’, Deerhunter’ and ‘Beachdrifter’. Last week the first 2 Beachdrifters were completed and shipped to the USA. The gold/bronze version has details like brown…

  • Soneva Kiri Resort Koh Kood

    Soneva Kiri Resort Koh Kood

    The 6 star hotel resort Soneva Kiri is located on Koh Kood, an island in the Gulf of Thailand. At this unique site, 24H-architecture designed a series of ecological icons to contribute to Six Senses’ high ambitions in design and ecology. Most prominent is The Children Activity and Learning Centre, which will provide visiting children…

  • Nieuw Leyden

    Nieuw Leyden


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    Within the urban plan of MVRDV for Nieuw Leyden, 24H > architecture design two ecological houses. The building block consists of 18 houses, designed by different architects. There are no regulations of the beauty commission, so the future owners are free to design their house, as long as it fits within the provided building envelope.…

  • The Twins Science Park

    The Twins Science Park

    Within in de urban scheme of KCAP – Kees Christiaanse for the Science Park in Amsterdam, 24H>architecture was commissioned to make a proposal for one of the five housing projects, called ‘the Twins’. The location is situated between the Oosterringdike and the Caroline Mac Gillavrylaan.24H’s proposal for the two apartment blocks, 18 and 15 storeys…

  • Panyaden School

    Panyaden School

    In the lush green surroundings of a former fruit orchard, where Thailand’s highest mountains meet the flat rice fields, Panyaden School contracted 24H to design its environmentally friendly school buildings. Located south of the city of Chiang Mai, this 5,000 m2 primary school consists of an informal arrangement of pavilions (salas), organized along pathways inspired…

  • Musician’s Housing

    Musician’s Housing


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    For the Co-housing project that was developed by WIMBY (welcome in my backyard) as part of the International Building Exhibition Hoogvliet, a new urban concept was developed. The concept gives not only expression to the thought that a musician is an individual with a communal passion, but also expresses a form for new collective space…

  • Houttuyn Wellness River Resort

    Houttuyn Wellness River Resort

    The Surinam Maroon culture plays a central role in the realization of this Eco-welness center, located on a richly vegetated site where the Parariver joins the Surinamriver. All wellness treatments are based on the relaxation and healing techniques from the Maroon culture, this gives guests an opportunity to get to know this unique local culture.…

  • Shankra Festival

    Shankra Festival

    Natrufied architecture, in close cooperation with Atelier Nomadic, designed and built 6 bamboo structures for the 2016 Shankra Festival in Graubünden, Switzerland. The main stage is a 14 meter high weaving bamboo structure providing a central space for the dj as well as for the 3 light creations from Extradimensional Space Agency. The five side structures…

  • Cite des deux Mers, Marchicamed

    Cite des deux Mers, Marchicamed



    This development for Eco tourism has been based the typical characteristics of the site, meaning that inspiration has been found in the existing types of landscapes, vegetation and local building typologies to position and thematize the different parts of the program. The cordon is beautiful strip of land between the Nador lagune and the Mediterranean…

  • Housing Floriande

    Housing Floriande

    Within the urban plan of the Floriande new housing area on the islands in Hoofddorp, 35 semidetached houses were realised on the 7th island. The houses are set up to offer maximum living quality based on typical qualities of the surroundings. Aiming for different groups -young families with children or senior couples- different layouts are…