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  • Dinosaur Exhibition Kunsthal

    Dinosaur Exhibition Kunsthal

    The ever present movable walls of the Kunsthal 1 are arranged in a double abstract representation of a spine, which allows to realize three different spaces.The first space is fitted as an abstract jungle, with a meandering path of thick mushy rubber and abstract vines structures of cloths. The atmosphere is dark and mysterious; the…

  • Villa Sperone

    Villa Sperone



    Close to Boninifacio in the Domaine of Sperone Patrick van Heurck en Laetitia van Gindertael are planning to build a villa on the south point of Corsica. The requirements for the house were to make an organic shape that would embed itself in the slope, meandering with the site.The site at the edge of the…

  • Social Housing Hatert

    Social Housing Hatert

    In the area Hatert, at the edge of the city of Nijmegen, the housing corporations Portaal and Talis organize a great renewal operation. Most of the current housing does not comply with contemporary standards or needs a substantial make over. For this operation the city of Nijmegen worked in cooperation with the office of Khandekar…

  • Dragspelhuset


    This house is an extension is to an original cabin dating from the late 1800’s, located on the shore of the lake Övre Gla in the nature reserve Glaskogen in Sweden. According to Swedish building regulations it is not allowed to build along the lake shore, but an exception is made if it is an…

  • Campus Markenhage

    Campus Markenhage

    For the new Campus Markenhage in Breda, the Netherlands, Natrufied designed a complex of buildings creating a base for three schools; Markenhage, Michael College and the Orion Lyceum. The 14.000 m2 building is partially new build, partially a renovation of an existing school building. With Orion on the left and Michael on the right, the…

  • Highway Support Center

    Highway Support Center

    Along the A28 in Assen, the new highway support center has been completed. Contractor Geveke finished its work on the various buildings for Rijkswaterstaat and the province of Drenthe. The storage for the salt was built up with concrete floors and walls, a big umbrella like wooden roof keeps the salt dry. Next to that,…