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  • Circular Centre HUB

    Circular Centre HUB

    What does a recycling center focused on reuse and repair look like? Heiloo, Uitgeest and Bergen investigated this with Natrufied Architecture and SE.lab. Imagine going here to hand in your reusable items, have a coffee or join a repair-workshop. Or you walk into the studio of a circular start-up. If we can imagine this, then…

  • Rijkswaterstaat Head Office

    Rijkswaterstaat Head Office

    24H-architecture designed the new districts head office for Rijkswaterstaat, who are building and maintaining highways, along the highway in Assen, The Netherlands.The ambition of the client and the architect was to create a sustainable building that explicitly shows the identity of Rijkswaterstaat. The concept was developed with the idea to represent their three core activities and…

  • Highway Support Center

    Highway Support Center

    Along the A28 in Assen, the new highway support center has been completed. Contractor Geveke finished its work on the various buildings for Rijkswaterstaat and the province of Drenthe. The storage for the salt was built up with concrete floors and walls, a big umbrella like wooden roof keeps the salt dry. Next to that,…