De Warren Amsterdam

Housing Cooperation De Warren and Natrufied Architecture have been working on the design of an ultra-collective apartment building on the new Centrum Eiland in IJburg. The program consists of 36 social and mid-market rental apartments within a housing cooperation. Apart from the housing units, here will be 800 sqm of collective spaces, like a theater, yoga space, makerspace, offices, meeting rooms, kidsspace and a music studio. The design was made after having four workshop days with all the future residents. Each workshop had a different theme, like the appearance of the building, the relation between private and collective, sustainability and the future of the building. The building will be made of biobased materials. The structure is drawn up from CLT (cross laminated timber), flax insulation and recycled wooden finishes. Reusing building products from demolished buildings is being researched. The building will be completely energy self-sufficient.Also see: Wooncooperatie de WarrenProject Data