Six Senses Eco Resort Salt Cay


On one islands of Turks & Caicos in the Caribbean Sea 24H-architecture will design a eco-friendly golf and holiday resort. The design consists of the North Beach hotel and various special buildings like a Spa and Sport Facilities supporting the activities on the island. The architecture is vernacular and in balance with the stunning natural environment.

The approximately forty Villas have splendid views over the sea and the former Salinas. They offer privacy, high-end comfort, with generous outdoor living areas such as a private pool, a sun deck, an outdoor living space and an outside bathroom.

The Spa will, according to the Six senses philosophy, stimulate the senses of the guests through massages in the treatment areas, but also through an architectural and spatial design creating gardens and particular outlooks. As a special feature the salt journey will create the physical link to the history of the place.

The clubhouse performs a true home coming on hole 18. The white building, made of local sandstone is covered by a shaped, aerodynamic wooden roof. The main level contains not only the reception and the pro shop but also a restaurant with indoor and shaded outdoor terraces stepping down with the landscape. The 1st floor is occupied by an observatory and an observation deck.

Apart from playability and aesthetics, sustainability is an important aspect of the design. The natural environment will be respected and strategies for waste, water and energy management are developed in collaboration with the client.

Project Data