Close to Boninifacio in the Domaine of Sperone Patrick van Heurck en Laetitia van Gindertael are planning to build a villa on the south point of Corsica. The requirements for the house were to make an organic shape that would embed itself in the slope, meandering with the site.The site at the edge of the golf course is looking towards the bay, towards Sardinia over the ‘Bouches de Bonifacio’. Originally built in the seventies, the first part of Sperone, Chappili is an example of urban planning regulations that worked really well over time. The buildings all made from Red Cedar shingles are all multi formed wooden sculptures in the forest. Apart from the Maquis, Eucalyptus trees grow in more protected areas in the lower part of the land. The house in inspired by the leaves of the Eucalyptus trees, a series of leaves fall over the slope and embed them in the landscape, trying to meticulously follow the topographical lines and leaving the Maquis around untouched. The structure of the build forms is based on the veins of the leaf curved laminated beams of Douglas Fir. The undulating roofs are covered with a fine texture of Red Cedar shingles.The walls are excavated in the rocky underground, leaving rough rocks exposed, with the typical stone masonry of Corse on top. This is combined with curved wooden walls with timber lattice and glass to blend in with the overall strategy of Chappili.Project Data