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  • Cabaret Sauvage Paris

    Cabaret Sauvage Paris

    Natrufied-architecture designed a building for the MAGIC MIRRORS*NEW GENERATION. The theater building, based on the essential ingredients of a Mirror tent, will be 35 meter in diameter made with 3 asymmetrical circles.The MM*NG for Cabaret Sauvage is an almost complete biobased building with a laminated wood structure, pine wood roof and wall panels, larch wood…

  • Slava Guesthouse

    Slava Guesthouse

    On his estate Moulin Jaune in Crecy la Chapelle, near Paris, France, the famous clown Slava Polunin created the black garden. In this garden 24H/ Natrufied architecture designed a guest house. The legged black animal, with a big coloured eye overlooking the river, is made of black bamboo construction and cladding. The interior gives a…