Within the urban plan of the Floriande new housing area on the islands in Hoofddorp, 35 semidetached houses were realised on the 7th island. The houses are set up to offer maximum living quality based on typical qualities of the surroundings. Aiming for different groups -young families with children or senior couples- different layouts are possible. Various options are available to be decided by the future inhabitants such as carports, a garage or an extra living space on the ground floor. The semidetached houses are provided with a paved plateau that forms an intermediate between private and public. The facades facing the green strip, the Brink, are made of solid anthracite coloured Belgian freestone with a rough plinth and a smooth finish at the upper part combined with wooden windowframes. Both the horizontal transoms that are in line with protruding strips of freestone and the wooden canopy give the façade a horizontal continuity. Towards the garden façade, the material transforms into brickwork with larger openings.Project Data