For the Co-housing project that was developed by WIMBY (welcome in my backyard) as part of the International Building Exhibition Hoogvliet, a new urban concept was developed. The concept gives not only expression to the thought that a musician is an individual with a communal passion, but also expresses a form for new collective space within the contemporary city.Especially for musicians, 38 houses were recently completed that all have their own music room. Most of the music rooms are placed in a collective mountain. The individual music rooms all have their own light pyramid that protrudes through the grass mountain. The houses are arranged in various ‘stamps’ which are repeated multiple times. On the edge of the ‘stamps’, individual zinc covered music rooms are added like parasites to a tree. These parasites accentuate the main urban routes through the site.This project is built with an extreme low energy consumption average (EPC 0,46), due to the urban heating system that recycles energy from the neighbouring Rotterdam harbour. The wood facades are made of hydro thermal treated wood from local European forests.
Project Data