For a historical farm site in the landscape of Zealand Flanders 24H developed a revitalization strategy for a private Belgian client. The strategy consists of the realization of a mainly prefabricated wooden structure and facade for a Villa. The old Tolhuis is refurbished mainly with re-use of existing materials, insulated and provided with new insulated window frames. The old Barn is partially refurbished and partially rebuilt to accommodate guests.The overall strategy for energy is the use of a biomass wood fuelling stove. The rainwater is harvested to feed a grey water system for part of the sanitary. The feel of the interior is that of an hand-crafted modern home. The modern design is matched with a heavy rustic natural stone wall, dark bamboo walls varnished or rough and an artistic shaped Jatoba floor.Materials have been chosen from local suppliers proven to have only certified woods and necessary FSC labels.Project Data