The ever present movable walls of the Kunsthal 1 are arranged in a double abstract representation of a spine, which allows to realize three different spaces.The first space is fitted as an abstract jungle, with a meandering path of thick mushy rubber and abstract vines structures of cloths. The atmosphere is dark and mysterious; the walls are painted in an abstract jungle pattern. In here you will find the moving animatronics, giant fake dinosaurs of all sorts, roaring and moving in the dim light. In the ‘eye’ of the two curved walls is a sacral night atmosphere created for the skeleton of a gigantic triceratops with a net of wooden strips as covering.From there you walk along the fossil graveyard towards the filtered daylight. Here is the abstract sand pit in which you can dig for dinosaur fossils like a real palaeontologist. The glass façade is covered with a translucent film with a jungle collage, taking the view of the park in as part of the exhibition.

Project Data