This development for Eco tourism has been based the typical characteristics of the site, meaning that inspiration has been found in the existing types of landscapes, vegetation and local building typologies to position and thematize the different parts of the program. The cordon is beautiful strip of land between the Nador lagune and the Mediterranean Sea. It will be developed into a national park.

Based on the different qualities and characteristic of the site inspirations were determined for 4 resorts, varying in level of luxury. The Six Senses strategy for luxury Eco resorts has been used as a guideline. Each resort consists of a series of Hotel Villa’s or Rooms, some special Suites or higher luxury Villa’s or Room, Main Facilities with Restaurant, Bar, Reception, Shop or Gallery. Also special Spa and Treatment facilities are designed per resort.

Embedded Rif with typology ‘ancient du Rif’
For the area between the Passage and the new harbor area where the landscape character is green and where there is the inner lake, a strategy is developed that minimizes the impact of the buildings on site; embedding the buildings in the landscape to blend in with nature.

Shell resort – Eco expressionism
One of the stunning characteristics of the site is the enormous amount of shells. The colors of the shells resemble the colors of the stone layers of the landscape, the anthracite grey of the volcanic basalt, all sorts of shades of pink and beige.
The idea is to make the resort on the sandy dunes and sandy beach based on the shapes of the shells.

Project Data